Cotton Tail

So, thats it for this part of my life. The past 6 months have been incredible, and a crazy time i will treasure forever. I’ve met a handful of amazing people, some of whom will really remain in my heart forever. I’ve explored some beautiful places, met some beautiful faces, and understood what its like to have peace and quiet around me constantly. But despite all this, there’s always been a small chunk of me which belongs somewhere else. A part of me that knows where home truly is, with people i call my family. Its time to revisit that beautiful place which makes me feel like myself again. And so i begin that next chapter in my life. Here’s to the next 6 months, and who knows, possibly longer. Its time to leave England again. I will really miss my family, they are always in my heart, but i also cant wait to see you kardamaina. I love you. X

Marmots cause more deaths each year than skiing.
- Casper Engelen.

All the Items I lost on my Ski Season……

- 200 CHF that I dropped on the street.
- 3 Ski Total T-Shirts, lurking somewhere in Paps.
- Marmot headband which got left In Broken.
- A Graduation Hoody which also got left in Broken.
- Black Mittens, hiding in Cable.
- A Wallet In Cable……. Which then got found.
- 1 Blue necklace which I probably dropped in the Atlanta when we broke in late at night.
- Gold Hoops, 1 was dropped in Schnee, the other was left on Josh Creesey’s floor.
- Black Ski gloves last seen by Raffers.
- Black and White Ski Gloves I left on a table at Hennu.
- iPhone dropped somewhere between Iglu and Hennu.
- Debit Card and Drivers Licence……. Also somewhere between Iglu and Hennu.
- 20CHF, Who knows?!
- Headband….. Probably on the floor in Hennu.
- A Lift Pass scattered on the piste somewhere.
- A Ski Total Jacket which got left in Broken…… But then got found by RM.
- Black and Silver bracelet which got dropped on the floor in Cable.

And my dignity…….. Many times over.

Last every transfer day tomorrow, last guests in Zermatt……. 11 days left of this Swiss lifestyle, where have the last 6 months gone?